• Maximum speed of 50 km/hour from this sign to next sign
  • Speed limit changes ahead
  • End of 50 km per hour zone
  • Speed limit for rural school zones
  • The speed limit changes to 50 km/h ahead. Drivers should be prepared to adjust their speed accordingly.


  • Exit to the right
  • Crosswalk ahead
  • Winding road ahead
  • Sharp curves in the road

This sign warns drivers that there is a sharp curve in the road head. Adjust speed if needed.


  • Factory, slow down
  • Construction zone
  • Bump or uneven pavement on the road ahead
  • Bridge or Viaduct

Bump or uneven pavement on the road ahead. Slow down and maintain control of the vehicle.


  • Advance warning of danger
  • Lane usage sign permitting all turns including left
  • No parking from arrows to corner
  • The driver in this lane must turn right

Traffic in this lane must turn right. Drivers should plan their routes ahead and be certain to choose the correct lane.


  • Danger, road ends
  • Keep to left
  • Winding road ahead
  • Sharp turn or bend in the road in the direction of the arrow

Sharp turn or bend in the road in the direction of the arrow. Slow down and be careful.


  • Direction sign for children
  • Playground zone sign
  • Children playing in residential area
  • It warns that you are coming to a school zone

Watch for children. Be prepared to stop and yield right-of-way to children. Obey the directions of any crossing guard or school safety patroller.


  • Bump 120 meters ahead
  • Railway crossing ahead
  • Stop sign 150 meters ahead
  • Traffic lights ahead. Slow down

This sign is used to warn drivers that they are approaching a regulated intersection. This sign usually appears when an intersection is “hidden”, for example, by a sharp curve in a road. Drivers should slow down and be prepared to stop.


  • Permissive sign
  • Roundabout ahead
  • Route for large trucks
  • No trucks

This sign permits an action. The action permitted varies, depending on the sign. For example, if the sign includes a bicycle, the sign means that bicycles are permitted to use the roadway.


  • Merge Ahead
  • Road turns to the left
  • Two lanes ahead: both lanes travel in the same direction
  • Road turns to the right

Two-lane section of highway ahead. Slower drivers should keep to the right. Drivers who wish to travel faster (within the speed limit) should pass on the left in the extra lane, then move back to the right lane. Smaller highways often have passing lanes at regular intervals to allow faster traffic to pass under safer conditions. Drivers should be aware that oncoming traffic may also use the extra lane to pass if conditions permit and are safe. “Keep Right Except to Pass” is the general rule when travelling in any situation where there are two or more lanes of traffic travelling in the same direction.


  • Bicycle parking permitted
  • Caution: Animal Crossing
  • Snowmobile parking ahead
  • Snowmobiles cross this road

Snowmobiles cross the road. Be prepared to slow down and stop if needed.

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