• Passing permitted
  • Parallel parking permitted
  • Street racing permitted
  • Two-way traffic

Drivers are permitted to pass on the road in this section. Check for oncoming traffic, and pass only if it is safe to do so.


  • You are approaching a hospital zone
  • You are approaching a 4-way intersection
  • Pedestrian crosswalk ahead
  • Railway crossing ahead

Railway crossing ahead. Be alert for trains. The sign also indicates the angle at which the railway tracks cross. In this case, the symbol for the road and the symbol for the railway cross at 90◦, which indicates that the railway tracks cross at a 90◦ angle to the road.


  • You may pass me
  • I am turning right
  • I am slowing or stopping
  • I am turning left

Turning right – If your signal lights or brake lights fail, this hand signal must be used.


  • School area ahead
  • You have the right-of-way
  • Railway crossing ahead
  • You must let traffic in the intersection or close to it go first

Yield Sign: Drivers must give the right-of-way to other traffic. Drivers must stop if necessary, and proceed only when the way is clear.


  • Stop sign ahead
  • Slow moving vehicle, the vehicle ahead will be travelling at 40 km/h or less
  • Yield right-of-way
  • Dead end street ahead

Tractors, farm machinery, or any heavy “equipment” vehicles which travel at speeds of 40km/h or less must display this “Slow-Moving Vehicle” sign. When approaching a vehicle displaying this sign, drivers should slow down and be prepared to drive at a lower speed. Drivers must not pass until it is legal and safe to do so.


  • Road under construction
  • Divided highway ends
  • Divided highway begins: traffic travels in both directions on separated roads ahead
  • Narrow bridge ahead

Divided highway begins. Each direction has its own road. Keep to the right-hand road. The “new” road may have more than one lane, but all lanes travel in the same direction.


  • Do not enter this road
  • Keep to left
  • Do not pass
  • Keep to right

Vehicles are not permitted to enter this road. Drivers should plan their routes ahead. Even if a GPS indicates that the driver should enter the road, drivers are not permitted to enter. Find an alternate route to the destination.


  • No right turn permitted
  • Road slippery when wet
  • No left turn permitted
  • Do not turn to go in the opposite direction. (U-turn)

Do not make a U-turn along this section of the road. Drivers should plan their route in advance. Even if a GPS says to make a U-turn, do not make a U-turn. Find an alternate route to the destination that does not involve making a U-turn.


  • Slow traffic on multi-lane roads must keep right
  • Caution school bus crossing
  • X intersection for school vehicles
  • School crosswalk sign

When travelling on a multi-lane road, slower traffic must use the right lane(s). The left lane(s) is (are) intended for vehicles that are passing other, slower traffic. Use the left lane to pass, then pull over to the right lane and travel in the right lane.


  • You are approaching a traffic island
  • Do not turn left at the intersection
  • Hidden intersection ahead
  • Do not turn right at the intersection

Do not turn left at the intersection. Drivers should plan their route in advance. Even if a GPS says to turn left, do not turn left at the intersection. Find an alternate route to the destination that does not involve a left turn at the intersection.

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