• A Bumpy road ahead
  • B No passing ahead
  • C Pavement is slippery when wet. Slow down and drive with caution
  • D Winding road ahead


  • A Dead end ahead
  • B Dead end on the right
  • C Hidden drive way ahead
  • D Road branching off ahead


  • A Pavement ends, 500 feet ahead
  • B Safety check ahead
  • C Bumpy road ahead
  • D Steep hill ahead. You may need to use a lower gear


  • A Two way traffic ends
  • B Two way traffic begins
  • C The lane is only for two-way left turns
  • D Two way traffic ahead


  • A Park in the area between the signs
  • B Restricted parking available
  • C Do not park in the area between the signs
  • D Free parking available


  • A Do not enter
  • B Do not cross
  • C Dangerous goods prohibited
  • D No parking


  • A Right turn only
  • B Slight bend or curve in the road ahead
  • C Right turn allowed
  • D Winding road ahead


  • A Hazard close to the edge of the road
  • B Roundabout Ahead. Reduce Speed
  • C Sharp curves in the road
  • D You may exit if you remain in right hand lane


  • A Railway crossing ahead
  • B Dead end
  • C Construction zone
  • D Do not stop


  • A Divided highway ahead
  • B Hidden intersection ahead
  • C Pavement narrows ahead
  • D You are approaching a one-way street

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