• A Yield right-of-way
  • B Stop sign ahead. Slow down
  • C Slow moving vehicle ahead
  • D Dead end street ahead


  • A Parking is permitted
  • B Truck route
  • C Passing allowed
  • D Dangerous goods route


  • A Pedestrian allowed
  • B No pedestrians allowed on this road
  • C Do not enter
  • D Cross walk ends


  • A Watch for pedestrians and be prepared to share the road with them
  • B Pedestrian only
  • C Pedestrian not permitted
  • D School zone ahead


  • A Only bicycle permitted ahead
  • B Bicycle crossing ahead
  • C Bicycle not allowed ahead
  • D Bicycle parking here


  • A Scenic view ahead
  • B Wildlife preservation center ahead
  • C Zoo ahead
  • D Deer regularly cross this road; be alert for animals


  • A Two-way traffic ends
  • B Road merges with another road
  • C Curb lane of cross street ahead
  • D Share the road with oncoming traffic


  • A No bicycles allowed on this road
  • B Do not leave your bicycle here
  • C Bicycle are not permitted unless you carry a valid pass
  • D You can park your bicycle here


  • A Right turn only
  • B Reverse curve left
  • C Do not turn left
  • D Left turn only


  • A Left turn only
  • B Right turn only
  • C Do not turn right
  • D Flashing lights on the arrows show the direction to follow

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