• A Construction work one kilometre ahead
  • B Construction zone begins
  • C Lane ahead closed
  • D Detour ahead


  • A Construction zone ahead
  • B Mountainous zone ahead
  • C There may be water flowing over the road
  • D Caution: Bridge Ahead


  • A You may proceed through intersection, if clear
  • B Do not drive through the intersection
  • C Do not turn left
  • D Through traffic permitted


  • A Do not pass on this road
  • B Do not enter ahead
  • C One-way road only
  • D No parking ahead


  • A Do not turn left
  • B Do not turn right
  • C Do not turn right when facing a red light at the intersection
  • D Only right turn allowed


  • A You may turn left only during the time shown
  • B Do not make a U turn
  • C Do not turn left during the times shown
  • D Do not turn right during the times shown


  • A Hidden intersection ahead
  • B Right lane ends ahead
  • C You are approaching steep hill
  • D Pedestrian crossing ahead


  • A Two way traffic
  • B Obstruction ahead
  • C Intersection ahead. The arrow shows which direction of traffic has the right-of-way
  • D One way traffic


  • A Two way traffic ahead
  • B Do not turn right
  • C Two way traffic ends
  • D Traffic may travel in one direction only


  • A Road under construction
  • B Narrow bridge ahead
  • C Divided highway ahead
  • D Divided highway ends

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