1 .When does the law require lights on vehicles to be turned on?

ABetween sunset and sunrise as well as any other time visibility is not clear for a distance of 150m
BBetween half an hour before sunset to half an hour after sunrise and at any other time visibility is not clear for a distance of 150m
CNo specified time
DBetween sunset and sunrise

2 .In what lane must drivers be before making a left turn from a one-way street?

AIn the lane closest to the right-hand side of the roadway
BThe lane does not matter provided the driver signals
CIn the lane closest to the left-hand side of the roadway
DIn the lane closest to the center line of the roadway

3 .When the traffic signal light facing a driver is red and the driver intends to go straight through the intersection, what must the driver do first?

AStop, proceed when the way is clear
BSlow down, proceed when the way is clear
CStop, wait until the light changes to green and the intersection is clear before moving through it
DStop, give pedestrians the right-of-way, then proceed with caution

4 .A flashing red beacon above an intersection means:

ASlow down and if necessary yield right-of-way to vehicles approaching from the left or right
BSlow down and drive with increased caution
CDrivers must come to a complete stop and move through the intersection only when it is safe to do so
DSignal light is out of order, proceed with caution

5 .When it is safe to do so, passing other vehicles on the right side

AIs permitted at any time on any street or highway
BIs not permitted under any circumstance
CIs permitted providing it is possible to do so by driving on the shoulder of the road
DIs permitted when the street or highway has two or more lanes for traffic in the direction the vehicle is traveling.

6 .If your phone rings while driving:

APull over and park to use your cell phone
BHave a passenger take the call
CLet it go to voice mail
DAll answers are correct

7 .Legally, who has the right-of-way over all others at an intersection when the light is green?

ADrivers turning right
BPedestrians crossing against the light
CDrivers turning left
DPedestrians crossing with the light

8 .If a driver is caught driving with a blood alcohol concentration (BAC) from —————-, the police can immediately suspend the driver’s license up to three days for a first occurrence.

A0.08 to 0.18
B0.05 to 0.08
C0.07 to 0.08
D0.08 to 0.10

9 .When towing a trailer or boat, the driver of a motor vehicle is not permitted to carry the following in the trailer or boat:

CCamping equipment
DFlammable materials

10 .When entering a highway, what must drivers do?

ADrive slowly and be prepared to stop for freeway traffic
BStop on the acceleration lane, wait for an opening, and then enter the freeway rapidly.
CSignal, increase speed, and merge smoothly with traffic
DSlow down, then enter the freeway at a sharp angle

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