1.What is the consequence for the third or subsequent occurrence of a driver caught with a blood alcohol concentration in the ‘warn range’ of 0.05 to 0.08?

AAn ignition interlock condition lasting six months
BAll answers are correct
CA mandatory alcohol treatment program
DA 30-day license suspension and a $150 fine

2.When a police officer motions them to go through an intersection where the light is red, what should drivers do?

AWait for the light to turn green
BCall the police officer’s attention to the red light
CObey the police officer’s signal and proceed
DStop to make sure the police officer wants them to go through

3.Road test failures may result from:

ADifficulty obeying traffic laws
BUnsafe actions
CLack of skill and control
DAll answers are correct

4.What is meant by ‘overdriving’ the headlights?

AAll answers are correct
BIt means that drivers are going so fast that their stopping distance is farther than they can see with their headlights
CIt means that drivers are overworking their headlights, increasing the likelihood that the bulbs will burn out
DIt means that drivers are using their high beam headlights all the time

5.When involved in a reportable accident, drivers must report this to their nearest provincial or municipal police…

AWithin 48 hours
BWithin 72 hours
CWithin 24 hours

6.In good weather, what is the minimum following distance drivers should maintain between their vehicle and a motorcycle in front of them?

A2 seconds
B3 seconds
C4 seconds
D1 second

7.How much time do drivers have to inform the Ministry of Transportation of any change of name or address?

AWithin 28 days
BWithin 6 days
CWithin 12 days
DUntil the next time they need to renew their license

8.If a commercial vehicle becomes disabled on the highway during a period that lights are required, flares or reflectors must be placed on the front and the rear of vehicle at an approximate distance of…

A15 m
B60 m
C30 m
D90 m

9.A traffic signal with a red light and a green arrow indicates:

AThe green arrow is for pedestrians only
BStop and then proceed
CProceed with caution in the direction of arrow
DStop and wait for a green light before turning in the direction of the arrow

10.How much insurance coverage is provided to an uninsured driver?

ANo coverage whatsoever
B$10,000 insurance coverage
C$20,000 insurance coverage
D$15,000 insurance coverage

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