31.When approaching a railway crossing where an electrical or mechanical signal device is warning of an approaching train, drivers must:

AStop at least 5 m from the nearest rail or gate
BAccelerate and cross the tracks as quickly as possible
CSlow down and proceed across the tracks with extreme caution
DStop at least 1.5 m from the nearest rail or gate

32.When driving on a highway near an exit ramp, what should drivers do if there are continuity lines to the right of their lane?

AThey must merge with the traffic to their right
BThey are not required to do anything unless they want to exit; the lane is unaffected
CThey must merge with the traffic to their left
DThey must exit because their lane is ending

33.By law, drivers must report a collision to the police when a person sustains injuries, or when there is damage to vehicles or other property exceeding:


34.The Ministry of Transportation may suspend the license of G drivers after a 9 demerit point interview:

AIf the driver does not have at least 5 years driving experience
BThe Ministry is not permitted to suspend licenses until drivers reach 15 demerit points
CIf the license is not needed for business purposes
DIf the driver fails to attend the interview, or fails to give good reasons for being permitted to keep the license

35.A flashing blue light mounted on a motor vehicle indicates:

ASnow removal equipment
BA motor vehicle carrying explosives
CA police emergency vehicle
DAn ambulance

36.What documents may police officers require drivers to produce?

ATheir own valid driver’s license
BAll the answers are correct
CA pink insurance slip for the vehicle being driven
DThe ownership papers for the vehicle being driven

37.Under what circumstances could drivers lose their license?

AFailure to pay a reinstatement fee
BFailure to pay a traffic fine when ordered by the courts
CAll answers are correct
DFailure to attend a re-examination

38.At an intersection where left-turn lanes are marked on the pavement….?

AMake your turn from the marked lane
BDoes not matter provided you signal
CYou can use it to pass slower traffic
DYou can use it to park your car

39.What is the safest action for drivers to take when their vehicle drives over black ice?

APut the vehicle in neutral and steer in the desired direction
BCalmly remove their foot from the accelerator and steer in the desired direction
CBrake hard while maintaining a firm grip on the steering wheel
DCalmly remove their foot from the accelerator and steer immediately to side of the road

40.A solid line to the left of a lane means:

APass only when there is no traffic in sight
BOvertake and pass with caution
CIt is unsafe to pass
DPass as soon as it is safe to do so

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